What Patients Say About New Widex Evoke Hearing Aids

C. L.

“Love the phone connectivity and directional focus!”

“These do seem clearer than my previous hearing aids. My husband loves the fact
that I do not have the TV or radio as loud. I really love the phone connectivity and
directional focus in the app. The focus helped me a lot in restaurants while on

J. T.

“A noticeable improvement!”

“Speech sounds crisp and more natural. There is a noticeable improvement over
my Beyond hearing aids. My new aids also have better connectivity streaming
from my phone.”

T. C.

“I am glad I have these!”

“These were noticeably better than my Beyond instruments. They were clearer
and did better in noise. The Evoke app is very intuitive. I am well versed in other
technology over the years and I feel they did a good job with this app. I felt the AB
comparison (Sound Sense Learn} was very helpful and useful. I saved a program
and was able to successfully use it again. I am glad I have these.”

C. L.

“I can hear better!”

“I noticed an improvement over my Beyond hearing aid. Now I can hear better
and speech is more audible.”

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